Living Purposefully

My work is about the nature of reality, its fabric and direction. I have found that, yes,
life does have a direction, as we all do. There is purpose to existence.

In the 21st century, people are hungry for purpose.

Are You Living Purposefully?

We are here to live purposefully. If we have purpose, we feel vital and alive. But what is purpose?

Purpose is direction.

What is the direction of life?

I suggest that the direction of life is towards unity. Life’s impulse towards unity is through a cyclical and spiral expansion of consciousness that increasingly connects us with more and more of existence. This equates to an ever-expanding sense of integration with the world in which we live.

The purpose of your life is to enjoy life, but to enjoy life increasingly requires you to move towards integration and unity. That means being in love and doing something that is a gift to other people and to the world.

Being in love—whether that is loving your vocation, loving other people in your life or just being in love with life, as in having a sense of awe and reverence for its beauty and mystery—is an outpouring of energy that feeds the unity of life on Earth.

But let’s get back to the question. Are you living purposefully?

How Do We Live with Purpose?

We live with purpose by becoming increasingly conscious of:

Our internal lifescape. To know ourselves, thereby consciously utilizing our creative will, calling upon our imagination, our beliefs and our perceptive ability; 

Our external lifescape, the environment we live in. To increase our awareness of what is happening in our world and in the world;and, finally,

(3) Our ever-evolving relationship with those around us, as well as with the greater collective reality we are expanding into. To refine our ability to receive and respond, attracting more of what we truly love into our lives.

You Are Part of Something Bigger

My work
—which is a unique fusion of astrology, developmental psychology, mysticism and shamanic healing—with individuals and groups, focuses upon both the collective consciousness and our individual essence and expression. Both are essential components for the enjoyment of life.

If you have moved beyond finding pleasure solely from the material world, but also recognize that a spiritual path or ideology on its own is not enough, then you are waking up to a new psychological landscape that can seem overwhelming and paradoxical.

The global village is emerging. Our everyday existence now contains an element of social participation as never before in history. The changes in the world today challenge us to recognize that we are part of something bigger. If you do recognize this, and recognize that in some way your life does add something to this world, you are ready to actively engage your creative capacity—to imbue it with intention—and to consciously feed your soul, imagination, mind and expectations with people, experiences and media that support your life purpose.

Life requires us to act, but we need to be conscious of the bigger picture so that our actions have meaning; so that they align with the intention of our soul, the intention we chose for this life before we were born.
Ah, yes, but how do you start? It can sound overwhelming. Well, that’s my job, to help you see the direction of your life, to find your niche and flourish.

“Since my personal consultation with Laurence I have felt a peace of mind and a conviction in the choices I am making for my future—the choices feel right,
as though my life is on track. This new life direction is all down to my session with Laurence and his incredible intuition and wisdom… I implore people to open their minds
to his ideas—by doing so they will truly benefit humanity.”

Charlotte Jackson; UK

 Contact: Laurence James Lucas

I am available most of the year in Hong Kong and from my roof terrace on Lamma Island; I am also in London twice a year. International clients work with me on Skype and email.

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