Consultations, Life Change Programmes and Workshops

My work is a unique fusion of astrology, developmental psychology, mysticism
and shamanic healing, based on more than two decades of research and working with clients.

As well as individual consultations, I offer a variety of programmes, workshops and seminars to suit your specific needs.

To what degree do you want to change your life?
There are different levels of change. Not everyone requires a fundamental transformation; some people just desire to reawaken a love of life through seeing the inherent purposeful creativity of their soul in their own life story.

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Don't miss the chance to participate in a Laurence James Lucas seminar:
mind-expanding, fun and entertaining stuff. His workshops are refreshing,
thought-provoking and highly recommended.

Geoff Stray, international lecturer, author and 2012 expert

Personal Astrological Consultations

Ideal for people who need a fresh perspective on their life. This one-to-one consultation focuses on what is going on for you now, the relevance of the past and the potentials for the future, with an introduction to your life purpose.

A session with me will enable you to:
  • Understand the changes, challenges and opportunities that exist right now in your life;
  • Become conscious of your life purpose;
  • Gain clarity about your internal world, your emotions, feelings and thought patterns;
  • Deepen the awareness of the immanence of Spirit in your life;
  • Amplify the Soul's perspective;
  • Be more empowered in the external world;
  • Recognize your relationship patterns and the reasons for them;
  • Enhance your appreciation of your relationships; and
  • Know the timing and meaning of specific energy shifts that will give rise to opportunities and important events. Depending on the transits in your individual chart, this will mean looking primarily at the next year or two, sometimes further ahead.

Cost: HK$2,000 per consultation on Lamma Island. Arrangements can be made to meet in Hong Kong, either at your home or a venue of your choice ($2,200).

Also in person in the UK twice a year (£165), or, internationally, via Skype (a small PayPal fee is added to the consultation cost).

Laurence Lucas is a very impressive astrologer, very much in a class of his own.
In addition to his penetrating understanding of the ‘quality of a given moment’,
as an analytical scientist of astrology he also brings to a consultation a deep compassion and insights that are often clearly clairvoyant. I challenge anybody not to be in
total awe of the kind of perceptions Laurence can offer when he has tuned into a chart.
He is able to do this with the ease that can only come from extensive study
and work on and with himself
Philip Tucker; Furniture Designer and Inventor; Brighton, UK

Laurence’s in-depth analysis is different from my previous birth chart consultations and here’s why: 1. With his vast, expert knowledge of mythologies and the Mayan culture, his approach is uniquely spiritual and mythical; 2. He puts me in a mythical archetypal context, which helps me to understand myself better; 3. He underlines what my spiritual destiny is, which helps me to be more resolved about my directions in life; 4. He offers timelines for both personal and global events that are of course inter-dependent upon one another. I thoroughly enjoyed Laurence’s consultation and I feel reassured about doing what I enjoy doing in my life without any guilt. He is spot on and I would fearlessly recommend him to anyone who wants to explore their spiritual goals and disposition.
Vicky Vortex, Your Key to Everything, Hong Kong

At a time in my life when I felt I was standing at the proverbial crossroads, I went to Laurence for some direction and clarity. He helped me reach a deeper understanding of where I stood and where I would be heading. With great gentleness he helped me to extract what was real and meaningful from the rest of the clutter and in doing so has assisted me in choosing a new direction for myself. I found his insightful, practical and down-to-earth analysis of the charts, together with his deep understanding of difficult and transformative times, very supportive and nurturing. I highly recommend his services to all those who seek assistance during periods of uncertainty and change.”
Catherine, Hong Kong

Life Change Programme

 This six-part process is the foundation for changing your life. The content of this uniquely personal course will include a mix of astrology, psychology and shamanism, as well as energy, intuitive and visionary practices to suit your natural expression and to integrate into your everyday life.

Whether you are undergoing a sustained period of change, crisis or gestation, or you are ready for a breakthrough, this essential programme offers you the opportunity to experience a major shift in your life.
In this six-part process of weekly in-depth sessions you will:

  • Experience a breakthrough in personal understanding;
  • Receive confirmation and affirmation of your essential self and essential way of being, covering all aspects of your life, from the material to the emotional to the spiritual;
  • Become conscious of your life purpose;
  • Change your life in accord with your own life purpose, intention and truth;
  • Create an energy that will open doors for you;
  • Know more of who you are;
  • Integrate the important aspects of your past with the present;
  • Understand your options and free will choices;
  • Have a greater acceptance and compassion for the pre-destined elements of your life;
  • Set clear intentions; and
  • Feel more deeply connected.

This programme is a revelation and an investment in self-awareness that serves you for life.

Cost for the programme of six sessions: Hong Kong $8,200 (approximately equivalent to £750 or US$1,060, subject to currency fluctuations; please ask), payable via PayPal if overseas.

Price includes six sessions of approximately ninety minutes each, over six to twelve weeks; my preparation work and follow-up emails. You will be asked to do various creative tasks between sessions.

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Astrocartography (Relocation Astrology)

Are you living in the optimal place? Are you feeling a strong need to relocate? 

Please email me for costs, details and to discuss your needs. Everyone's situation is unique and different, necessitating different amounts and emphasis of work.

LjL is a visionary. His insightful perspective of human and planetary cycles is both inspiring and transformational. He has been a friend and guide for many years.
Martin ‘Madhi Mu’ Thomas, artist and founder of Zu Studios, Lewes, UK

Laurence’s work is about finding who you are and where you are going.
He is a Life Change Facilitator who empowers you on your path.
A consultation with Laurence is not like any other!
I highly recommend him and
can honestly say that he is the most exciting
astrologically based teacher I have yet discovered.
His comments are always very timely. His views are far-reaching and comprehensive;
his vision for humanity’s future is far-sighted.

Annee Madelaine Mannall, Publisher of StarDrum Books and Events Coordinator
for Great Mystery, UK

Walk-In Astrology

An increasing number of people are now waking up to the multidimensional aspects of the soul and are experiencing memories of other Star systems and parallel dimensional realities. These experiences will continue to become more commonplace as the Earth starts to wake up to itself as a complex organism—comprised of both nature and human artefact—that lives within a greater cosmic system.

Have you had a walk-in experience? Do you feel that an aspect of you has walked into your body and psyche from outside Earth?

A walk-in astrological session with me will enable you to:

  • Gain greater clarity and a deeper understanding of how you navigate the dichotomy of being human with the awakening of something that is from beyond the Earth’s realm;
  • Become more conscious of your life purpose;
  • Alleviate the emotional challenges of living in this density;
  • Come to terms with the often enormous fluctuations of energy and the confusion that sometimes arises from a walk-in experience;
  • Better integrate the different aspects of yourself; and
  • Know the timing and meaning of specific energy shifts that will give rise to opportunities and important events. Depending on the transits in your individual chart, this will mean looking primarily at the next year or two, sometimes further ahead.

If you feel a resonance with the walk-in experience, I highly recommend that you work with Nicolas David Ngan and Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire of the Center for Conscious Ascension. Read more here.

To supplement and expand that work, I offer specific astrological consultations for people who are learning to integrate other-dimensional aspects of themselves with their terrestrial self. I myself experienced an influx of consciousness from another Star system in 1994, so I have personal experience of this.

If you have worked with Nicolas and Ahlmeirah and/or are aware of an exact time for the walk-in experience, I draw up three astrological charts: Your natal chart, your walk-in moment and the composite chart for the two.

Cost: Email me for costs. Everyone's situation is unique and different, necessitating different amounts and emphasis of work.

Please note that for Astrocartography, an exact correct time of birth is required.
It is ideal (although not obligatory) to have a personal astrological consultation
before any Astrocartography work.

Holospheric Astrology and Consciousness

Learn Holospheric Astrology on a one-to-one or small group basis. Ask for details as this course is tailored to your own needs.

This is a distinctly unique life change programme for those with an intellectual and metaphysical mind who are committed to awakening to an extraordinary understanding. This programme is ideal for those who already have some astrological understanding, or the kind of mind that can accommodate abstract truths. My innovative and profound Holospheric Astrology is arguably the most all-embracing and exciting map of reality available in the world today.

We use your natal chart, as well as astrological charts for your family, life events and, where relevant, charts of people and events in history and the greater world.

To awaken to the dramatic and quite literally awesome understanding of yourself as a microcosm of our world, we will also look at the macrocosm of the human evolutionary condition. A true perspective of your life involves the realization of just how interconnected you as an individual are with the collective.

Be ready for the trip of a lifetime. This course is stimulating, thrilling and challenging: it is not for the fainthearted or mundanely motivated. You will gain a tool for life that can potentially be used as part of your work.

Cost: Individual tuition: HK$2,000 per session. Cost negotiable for small groups.

Sessions are three to four hours each, preferably once a fortnight, with homework, over a sustained period of time, to be discussed.

Before the walk-in astrology consultation with Laurence, I hadn’t any real clear idea of why I was here on Earth. I had discovered I was a walk-in five years earlier and knew I had something special to do here on Earth and that was about it. After my session with Laurence, I got a much clearer idea of why I was here and what my purpose really was. It was all laid out in the planets. For the first time I saw there was a complete order, a well-structured plan for my time here on Earth carefully designed by my walk-in soul. It was a relief to have things brought into focus, made more real, and my feelings affirmed that this whole walk-in thing wasn’t just my imagination, some amorphous concept. It got me onto the right track in terms of developing my spiritual work and expressing it in my service here on Earth. I now feel very solid & clear about my spiritual path. Thank you Laurence for shining the Light so I could discover it and commence the journey.
Nicolas David Ngan, Center For Conscious Ascension, Surrey, UK

Shamanic Rituals

A shamanic ceremony or shamanic training with me is an opportunity to reconnect with the magic of your life, to step off the world and get off the hamster wheel of necessity in order for you to move into the space and time that is always available to you. In this available time–space, you will recalibrate your energy field and set a new intention for your life.

Single standalone shamanic ceremonies or a programme of six shamanic sessions are available. For anyone interested in organizing a group shamanic event, please contact me by email.

[For more information, see the Shamanic Rituals page]

Courses and Workshops

For information on my workshops and courses, or if you would like me to present a seminar to your group, please contact me by email.

Courses and workshops offered include:
  • The Enchantments of Life: The Holosphere
  • Astrology and Consciousness: Universal Rites of Passage
  • Riding the Corridors of Time: The Mayan Sacred Calendar
  • 2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness
  • Sacred Shamanic Ceremony Workshop

I also offer tailor-made courses, workshops and seminars on specific subjects.

Laurence has a very deep understanding of psychology, which is very useful in tackling issues raised by participants. His answers are highly appropriate to the situations
of the individuals. Besides, he is very optimistic and influences us to take a
less serious attitude towards crises that are currently happening in the world,
making us understand that 'disasters' may be just an indication of Human Evolution.
His handouts are also very informative and the individual astrology
sheds light on our own stages of transformation.

Helena Yiu, Hong Kong

Fees here are mainly quoted in Hong Kong dollars, for that is where I spend most of my time. For prices in the UK and elsewhere in the world, please contact me. Exchange rates fluctuate, sometimes rather dramatically, and economies vary.

I was first introduced to Laurence James Lucas’ unique vision in the Enchantments of Life seminar where he introduced his philosophy and revolutionary way of looking at the world we live in so that we may find a method to expand our consciousness of who we are and why we are the way we are in an inclusive and non-judgmental way. It was like having the blinders you did not even know you had on suddenly taken off!

To appreciate and respect Laurence’s universal/cosmic way of looking at all people, as well as our own personal place in this vast cosmos, one must be willing to look beyond one’s nose and small personal world. Even in his astrological consultations, he personalizes what is going on above and how it affects us below in a way that allows the individual to see oneself in this vast cosmos and expand to one’s potential in the greater scheme.
This is very inspiring and encouraging.

If you are curious about Life and your place in it, if you have ever wondered how we can possibly all be One or how our small actions cause a ripple effect in the greater world, then I would highly recommend paying attention to what Laurence has to say. It will be one of Life’s 'Ah-ha' moments that will forever change your perspective. Thank you Laurence for not being limited by Small Mind and for helping us all to reach Vast Vision.
Candace Castro, Hong Kong and Canada

If you have ever enjoyed listening to a story well told and dreamed that night of being
a character in that story... you will love the Enchantments of Life course. With LjL offering breadcrumbs to guide you along the way, you will see your life story unfold
with all the drama and resolution available to you in the upcoming chapters.
Buckle up. It will be an exhilarating ride!

Alison, Littlest Hobo and Biggest Adventurer

Contact: Laurence James Lucas

I am available most of the year in Hong Kong and from my roof terrace on Lamma Island; I am also in London twice a year. International clients work with me on Skype.

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