Laurence James Lucas

Laurence James Lucas, visionary mapmaker of human consciousness and its evolution,
mystic and astrological consultant, has been giving talks and workshops since 1990,
drawing upon his own lifetime of radical life change; a successful astrological consultancy;
deep shamanic work; experiential investigation into the Mayan Sacred Calendar and the
2012 effect; studies in the area of sociology, human psychology and consciousness;
and a profound perception of the nature of reality. Laurence’s major passion is
the evolution of human consciousness and all that entails.

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Laurence's two-decades-plus of full-time experiential research into the evolution of global consciousness and related subjects has given birth to his groundbreaking model of the Enchantments of Life, which enables a sophisticated understanding of how new consciousness emerges in human society.

His main work now is facilitating groups, working with individual clients and researching and writing books, as well as daily blogging. Laurence's courses cover human evolution and its relevance to each participant’s life, particularly in regard to life changes.

He lives on Lamma Island, Hong Kong, with his wife Carey and their dog Chocolate and cat Nougat. He also spends time each year in the UK. He has a daily practice involving shamanism, yoga, qi gong, meditation and vast amounts of research and writing. Laurence’s Enchantments of Life, Mayan Calendar and 2012 series of workshops, among others, have been highly acclaimed in both Hong Kong and the UK.

His blogs include Mystic Cyber Crow and 2012: The Mayan Calendar and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness, and an affirmation of abundance website called Plnti.

 “Laurence Lucas is a Promethean figure.
His gift of foresight and his overview of the cosmos is breathtaking.
He brings concepts and new ideas that are way ahead of his time—but
we need figures like him to shake us out of our complacency and comfort zones;
to wake up to the new future that awaits us. I sense a truth in his words,
like a reawakening of an old memory that we have lost.
This man is worth listening to!”

Helen Sewell, Dip. Psychology Astrology CPA, Sussex, UK

My Work and its Essential Message

My work is a unique fusion of astrology, developmental psychology, mysticism and shamanic healing, based on more than two decades of research and working with clients.

The Holosphere and the Enchantments of Life

My research, which describes the solar system as a holographic reality, reveals that the planets are manifestations of the Sun’s energy field or aura. The solar system, with all its planetary bodies, is the Sun’s energy field, which, on a holographic level, has a fractal relationship with the Earth’s energy field, as well as with the human energy field.

The findings of psychology and sociology reveal that new levels of consciousness emerge as we evolve. Astrology reveals that the timing of the emergence of these levels of consciousness corresponds with the discovery of new planets. As each new planet is discovered, no matter how small, a new level or aspect of consciousness is awakened within the Earth’s energy field and, correspondingly, within the human energy field.

My astrological research reveals that the discovery of new planets, their orbital position and their orbital nature do indeed correspond with the findings of the academic research on developmental evolution in society and the individual. However, the astronomical discoveries and positioning of the planets in the solar system reveals a story of human evolution that goes far beyond the findings of academia.

How can this be so?

Conventional academic research is unable to see the subtleties of reality that exist beyond the parameters of psychology because human nature is not fundamentally psychological; rather, I assert, it is based on consciousness. Psychology defines the mechanics within the energy field—it reveals the content as viewed from within—but what it cannot reveal is the context and the fundamental substance of evolution, which is the development of consciousness.

Our picture of the solar system—revolutionized since 1992 with the discovery of thousands upon thousands of planetary bodies beyond Neptune—suggests extraordinary new levels of reality and complexity and an extraordinary new story of human evolution.

My work on the Holosphere and the inherent Enchantments of Life is based on the reality of the human energy field and the relationship I have experienced between the individual human, the Earth and the Sun. This represents a new paradigm of perception with regards to the nature of our reality, incorporating energy fields, astrology and the more legitimate developmental studies, including integral theory, all under one umbrella.

Innovating the Integral Map

The Integral Movement potentially lays the philosophic groundwork for the next stage of civilization. Integral understanding, which is the most persuasive and all-encompassing worldview thus far, is fast gaining credence outside the populist circles. In contrast, integral studies of reality currently remain largely ignored or invisible to both mainstream academia and alternative new age thinking. However, the Integral Movement is seeking legitimacy and acceptance within conventional circles—unfortunately, by doing so it becomes blind to the vast body of evidence from alternative researchers, notably in the areas of ancient civilizations and human origins, thereby narrowing its vision and limiting itself.

The Holosphere and the Enchantments of Life, with its innovative understanding of astrology based on the holographic nature of reality, greatly expands the integral map. My map shows the relevance of conventional behaviour and thinking, but equally accommodates the phantasmagoric. The many diverse paradigms, whether fringe or consensually acceptable views, each serve specific purposes in the whole system of Planet Earth.

The best analogy of reality that we have at the moment is the holographic paradigm, which moves the focus away from the minutiae of quantum mechanics towards seeing whole systems and recognizing the inherent yet complex intelligence of creation.

Agreements Change Over Time

Reality is legitimized by the sum total of collective agreement; it is ultimately co-creative and constructed upon Earth by levels of consensus. However, agreements change over time and at different stages of evolution.

An increasing number of people are now taking part in the negotiation of reality, not just the accredited experts. Thanks in part to the advent of the Internet, a newly emerging developmental level of consciousness in the world today allows for reality to be increasingly subject to the subconscious democracy of the whole human species.

The Holosphere and the Enchantments of Life defines reality as being far more profound and all-inclusive than is accepted by most paradigms. Profound, because while this map of reality does conform to the general impression of evolution, it also encompasses all manner of bizarre and exotic phenomena, the documentation of which is far too extensive to be ignored. The phenomena I mean include such mind-bending and tricky topics as UFOs, ETs, Atlantis and advanced prehistoric civilizations, all of which are part of an evolving carnival that we call creation.

What is different about my work is that, alongside the evolutionary process, I also take into account the equally vital process of involution, which is the soul’s increasing involvement, or descension, into the physical realm. This allows for nonlinear, kaleidoscopic, multitiered and cyclical developments. The impulse of consciousness within life is towards unity through complexity, equating to an ever-increasing awareness of larger and larger scales of consciousness, life, time and space. This opens the door to parallel universes and timeframes coexisting within the singular taste of all existence.

However, at each stage of our human development, we temporarily put aside or suppress a certain consciousness for the sake of overall progress. For example, we can postulate that Atlantis was advanced in Earth-based occult technologies that we cannot presently access—but the planet and humanity needed to close down that access so that we could create the relative stability of the reality we experience today.

My map reveals why that had to happen and why we are now on the threshold of reopening the door to the potentials and possibilities of ancient civilizations.

The holographic view sees reality as virtual; a dynamic hologram subject to choice. What are we as a species choosing? And who or what else is involved with the construct of our experience?

You’ve heard the phrase ‘think outside the box’, well Laurence doesn’t just think
outside it, he lives there—day in, day out, crafting a self as noble, poetic and
visionary as the Enchantment realms themselves. He is a master of transformation,
one of the most creative and most free (and freeing) people I have ever met ...
let him into your life and see the world transform before your eyes.

Jayne Storey, T’ai Chi Master, Specialist Coach to Athletes and Golfers Founder,
Chief Instructor - The Independent T’ai Chi Association 

Contact: Laurence James Lucas

I am available most of the year in Hong Kong and from my roof terrace on Lamma Island; I am also in London twice a year. International clients work with me on Skype.

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